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Our mission

The Coalition for Livestock Guardian Dogs is a nonprofit with a simple mission: to improve the lives of livestock guardian dogs in need. We’ll accomplish this goal by funding wellness care and by keeping the conversation going. While the mission is simple, the challenges we face are not.

Nobody knows how many livestock guardian dogs are lost annually to antiquated methods. But we do know that the losses are severe and more importantly, preventable. Focusing on how things could be and differentiating that possibility from “how things have always been done” is our strategy. We’ll support the strategies we share with the resources necessary to implement them.

We envision a world where nobody loses a working dog to parvo or malnourishment and there are no losses in the field because the newborn pup couldn’t keep up with a working mother. 


We envision a world where compassion is part of the formula when using livestock guardian dogs. 


We envision a world where communication, information, and an open mind are as valued as a healthy bottom line.

The challenges we face are significant but they pale in comparison to the spirit and compassion that inspired the founding of the Coalition for Livestock Guardian Dogs in the first place. We are a registered 501c3 nonprofit, EIN# 84-5047718.

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Currently, we are focusing our resources on the Western States, specifically Utah and Idaho, where antiquated LGD management methods are often used. As a result, shelters are experiencing increased numbers of working livestock guardian dogs in need and has caused a ripple effect on companion livestock guardian dogs in need.

We see similar issues throughout the country and it is our vision to someday be able to help livestock guardian dogs in need regardless of geographic location. Our goal is to inspire the use of livestock guardian dogs as they were originally intended - as partners, not tools. 


What is a LGD?

Dogs that work alongside shepherds and goat herders to protect livestock originated in Europe and Asia, and have been used for centuries around the world. Called livestock guardian dogs (LGD) or referred to as “big white fluffy dogs”, these brave dogs can be seen protecting large bands of sheep on the vast open ranges in the west to guarding goats or chickens on small homesteads in the tribal territory and everything in-between. 


Some LGDs prove to be ill-suited for working life and have transitioned to life as beloved family members in an environment in which they are allowed to express typical behaviors. Most of these situations occur by way of rescue or impoundment and ultimately adoption. 


We believe that livestock guardian dog breeds can be both working and/or companions. However, this is very dependent on factors such as genetics and personality.