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Coalition for Livestock Guardian Dogs is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to decrease the numbers of working and companion livestock guardian dogs in need. We believe we can achieve this through education, improved management and assistance programs and we envision a more compassionate community where there are no more displaced livestock guardian dogs.

The Coalition for Livestock Guardian dogs is a unique non-profit that addresses a growing need that is currently not served. We seek to develop initiatives and protections that will have a direct positive impact on the well-being of the dogs, educate owners on responsible ownership of companion livestock guardian dogs that will prevent the numbers of livestock guardian dogs that are surrendered and inspire owners of working livestock guardian dogs to use proven management methods that will decrease or eliminate the numbers of livestock guardian dogs in need.


We are a registered 501c3 nonprofit, EIN# 84-5047718.



Currently, our initiatives are targeted in the Western States, specifically Utah and Idaho, as education for the public is non-existent, management guidelines for working dogs are lacking and shelters are experiencing increased numbers of both working and companion LGD in need. Utah also has vast public lands, leaving working LGD vulnerable to theft and mismanagement.


Working and companion LGD experience extreme stress when separated from their livestock or human family and we want nothing more than to keep them out of shelters where the induced stress may put them at risk.

We see similar issues throughout the country and it is our vision to someday be able to help livestock guardian dogs in need regardless of geographic location. Our goal is to inspire the use of livestock guardian dogs as they were originally intended - as partners, not tools. 




The livestock guardian dog (LGD) originated in Europe and Asia, and has for centuries been used to guard and protect livestock. Common LGD breeds include Great Pyrenees, Akbash, Maremma, Anatolian Shepherd or Kuvasz (to name a few)... those “big fluffy dogs.'


A livestock guardian dog (LGD) is a working dog that protects livestock and can be found on a homestead or large ranching operation. These dogs provide valuable nonlethal predator management which minimize livestock losses and demonstrate that we can coexist with wildlife.


A companion livestock guardian dog is a livestock guardian dog breed that is owned as a companion dog. Some are raised as companions and some have not been suited for working life and transitioned.


We believe that livestock guardian dog breeds can be both working and/or companion. However, this is very dependent on many factors such as genetics and personality. For example, a Great Pyrenees whose ancestry was bred for the purpose of companionship will be more suited for a pet versus a Great Pyrenees whose ancestry was bred specifically for protecting livestock. Each dog is unique and it's important to properly evaluate the dog to determine the best environment in which the dog will thrive. 


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