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The Coalition for Livestock Guardian Dogs is a nonprofit with a simple mission: to improve the lives of livestock guardian dogs in need. We’ll accomplish this goal by funding the spay/neuter, vaccination, and nutritional needs of dogs who spend their day in the field doing the work. While the mission is simple, the challenges we face are not.

Nobody knows how many livestock guardian dogs are lost annually to disease, predation, or antiquated methods. We do know that the losses are severe and more importantly, preventable. Whether we’re working with a rancher who’d like to improve their bottom line or a family whose livestock creates their only income, our process is the same.

We begin by asking questions because every situation is unique. Our job is to then share information about how things could be and differentiate that possibility from “how things have always been done.” We’ll support the strategies we share with the resources necessary to implement them. Rinse and repeat.


We envision a world where nobody loses a working dog to distemper or malnourishment and there are no losses in the field because the newborn pup couldn’t keep up with a mother who has a job to do. 


We envision a world where compassion is part of the formula when deploying livestock guardian dogs. 


We envision a world where communication, education, and an open mind are as valued as a healthy bottom line.

The challenges we face are significant but they pale in comparison to the spirit and compassion that inspired the founding of the Coalition for Livestock Guardian Dogs in the first place. We are a registered 501c3 nonprofit, EIN# 84-5047718.

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where we help

Currently, our initiatives are targeted in the Western States, specifically Utah and Idaho, where antiquated LGD management methods are often used. As a result, shelters are experiencing increased numbers of both working and companion livestock guardian dogs in need. 

We see similar issues throughout the country and it is our vision to someday be able to help livestock guardian dogs in need regardless of geographic location. Our goal is to inspire the use of livestock guardian dogs as they were originally intended - as partners, not tools. 


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