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*for Utah residents


No matter where you live, please sign our petition urging legislators to enact protections that not only improve the wellbeing and working conditions of the dog and flock, but also protect the investment of the producer and the safety of the public on public lands. 

The most impactful way to help the livestock guardian dogs is to advocate for improved management and legal protections on public lands. (The current status for livestock guardian dogs in Utah is a livestock classification exempt from animal cruelty statutes)

Step 1 Click here to find your Utah local representative 

Step 2 Make contact and present the facts and current situation (see helpful templates below). It's important to reference that the American Sheep Industry also believes that the use of LGD on federal grazing allotments is in serious jeopardy and has published "Recommended Best Management Practices" as a solution. We have used these recommendations as a guideline in forming the protections that we seek for LGD. 

Step 3 Ask for support in establishing protections for livestock guardian dogs by mandating food/water, medical care and microchipping as well as fines for abandonment and prohibited breeding at will on public lands. Implementing these management practices will not only improve the wellbeing and working conditions of the dog but will also protect the public and the producer. This would decrease conflicts that put the safety of the public and welfare of the animal at risk on public lands. 

Email/mail contact: download the template and customize with your own words. Send an infographic or powerpoint pdf along with the letter. Don't forget to mention you are a constituent.

In-person (preferred) contact: download the powerpoint presentation and guiding notes. Become familiar with the details of the current situation.

Telephone contact: download the talking points below and stay focused on your objective when speaking with your representative. Don't forget to thank them for their time.


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Most members of the public are unaware of the issues surrounding livestock guardian dogs. Once they become informed, they overwhelmingly support protections and improved management of livestock guardian dogs. 

Spread awareness! Print infographics and share with local representatives and members of the public.

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Help us to help them by donating! We will be running a major campaign and the need for donations is great to accomplish our mission. Whether the need is a billboard, advertising materials or flyers;no amount is too small. 

We are a registered 501c3, EIN# 84-5047718 and your donation is tax deductible.


The Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana (GPRM) works tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate Livestock Guardian Dogs, Great Pyrenees and breed mixes in need. The rescue is actively seeking volunteers who can help in many capacities, such as transport and fostering. If you are looking for a working LGD or wanting to open your heart and home to adopting a companion LGD breed, please visit GPRM by clicking on the link below or visiting their Facebook page!


Click here to visit GPRM website!

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