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She's just a baby! Sweet Sage was found by a good samaritan underneath a sagebrush off the side of a road in a rural area. She was taken to a vet and x-rays were taken. She had suffered severe trauma which resulted in a severely broken leg. The vet indicated that she would not have survived the night had she not been found. We often think about how this happened to her. Had she been hit by a car and left to die? Did she get kicked by livestock? It's likely that she was with her siblings and mother and they continued on as she was unable to walk and possibly unconscious. What we do know is that she is one of lucky ones. She was seen by a group of specialists who administered a thorough exam. They discovered several scabs on her head and two nails that had been forced up 90 degrees. Further x-rays were taken and it was decided that her leg was too damaged to save and amputation was scheduled. Our hearts sank to think she endured such a violent accident and would have to live her life with only 3 legs. The day of surgery arrived and a final x-ray was taken. To everyone's surprise, the x-rays showed that her bones were regenerating. Sage began using her leg as a peg when she dug (she loves to dig) and was starting to move it instead of letting it drag. For now, we are hopeful that she'll continue to improve. We know that she will always hobble and may have to have it removed eventually but for now, we are happy she is alive and enjoying living life to the fullest. She is currently being fostered and loved by one of the veterinarians and another rescued LGD with a similar injury.

We are sad to think of the hundreds of livestock guardian puppies who endure these types of accidents and don't make it. They suffer and die in silence and all alone. We won't forget them and will continue to advocate for better LGD management practices, humane treatment and declassification as livestock until these loyal dogs are free from this preventable suffering, neglect and premature death.

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