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A Tribute to Koda

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

This month's blog is a tribute to Koda. We are grateful to Koda's family for sharing a glimpse into his life with us:

"He's gone. Our sweet Koda died today. I had never heard the word "Akbash" until he showed up at my house. He was brought to my house by a friend after he was found near death, frozen to the ground in the desert, left to die by a sheep herder. He had to learn to eat and drink out of a bowl and figure out what a house was. That first year was a challenge for us all, him included. We were Labrador retriever owners...and an Akbash is NOT a lab. He taught us while we taught him. He learned, we learned, he trusted, we trusted. He watched over us, my spirit animal, all of us. We have six children, four horses and labs. He thought "fetch" was stupid but would jog along next to our labs to make sure they were doing it right. He kept our property safe from predators and slept each night at our bedside. Always alert to any sound or threat. He was a once in a lifetime dog...brought to us by the winds of fate to teach us all to be a partner with a dog, never a master. He hated the water but loved the boat, and would go sit on the boat waiting for everyone to join him. He had room to roam and protect. If someone stepped on our porch at night, it sounded like Cerberus had been released from the gates of hell. Safe....he kept all of his charges safe. He waited to die...until we could all be with him...because he knew we would need that. He was the BEST boy. I miss him, we all miss our Koda-bug. Hug your sweet, independent, loyal Akbash just never know when the last moment will come. It always comes too fast, never enough time. 8 years was not enough."

Koda's passing is a reminder to us all that we have so much yet to learn from these loyal, brave dogs. We are comforted to know that Koda lived a life being dearly loved and cared for and are grateful to his family that saved him. Rest in peace good boy.

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