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Bentley's Story

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

As the truck and horse trailer pulled up to the animal shelter, one would have to wonder what Bentley must have been thinking as he was pulled out of the trailer and coaxed inside the building. Bentley was surrendered for "not working" and had been subject to rocks being thrown at him in a failed attempt to get him to work. Although untouchable and suffering from a severe tapeworm infestation, I am thankful that he was surrendered and not culled. He didn't know it yet but it was his lucky day. Caring shelter staff and I worked with Bentley for months. It was clear that he was ready to leave his past behind and the time finally came for transport to his new home. I'll never forget the day I met his adopters who met me halfway in between what was his shelter and what will be his home. As the adopters drove away, I could see him lay down in the back and stare at me through the glass. I'll never forget that face and although he couldn't hear me, I said to him "Be brave Bentley" and watched him disappear among the cars.

Bentley is now living the dream in Colorado with his loving parents, a female pyrenees named Blanca (the love of his life) and lots of room to play chase me. Ironically, his family reports that he really likes guarding livestock - he just wants human and other livestock to be close enough to be guarded together. <3

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