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Jake: The Guardian of the Cats

Updated: Mar 19

It was a hot summer day when a call came in from the local shelter. A shelter employee’s friend had been camping in Utah and came upon a dog lying in a ditch. Their first thought was that the dog was dead but as they got closer, relief set in and the dog was alive. Immediately noticeable was the plastic livestock ear tag. Upon inspection, they noticed that the tag had caused injury to the ear. They were able to locate the owner based on the tag and hoped to reunite the dog back with his owner. To their surprise, not only did he not want the dog back, he said he had planned to shoot the dog. This wasn't an option for the finders and they convinced the owner to give up the dog and named him "Forest".

For the first time in his life, this loving dog had a name and not just a number on a tag. The shelter reached out to a rescue and Forest was immediately taken in by a foster family where he received nutritious food and medical care for his injuries. When Forest was well enough, it was time for him to find a family of his own. Forest found his true calling in life when he met his "purrfect" family; owners of a cat rescue and was he was forever named "Jake". Fast forward to today.... Jake, and his two brothers, Elvis and Kona, are the official guardians for the cat rescue and they work together to patrol 35 acres. Jake is amazing at protecting his humans, 5 barn cats and 2 indoor/outdoor house cats from predators. His family reports, "Jake is the most wonderful dog and we love him so dearly. He loves his job, all of his charges and we adore him so much." Here's to you Jake, guardian of the cats!

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