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Saving Wilson

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

This month's blog is very special to us. August 2020 marks the two-year anniversary of when lots of amazing human beings came together to save Wilson.

An emaciated and neglected livestock guardian dog was first seen at a fast food restaurant parking lot located in the heart of a small rural ranching town and the base of a vast forest well-known for summer sheep grazing. Scared, wandering and looking for food, a wonderful person took the time to call animal control and get him to safety. She was the first of many angels who were determined to help this wretched creature that was the face of a dog with a shattered soul.

The dog was impounded by animal control and local volunteer rescue staff were notified. They named the dog "Will". Then, something shocking happened. Late at night, his presumed owner broke him out of the building. The volunteers were heartbroken and confused. As Will's luck (and we think determination) would have it, he was picked up, as a stray, two days later. Volunteers were grateful that he was out of harm's way and an appointment was set with a local veterinarian. Just when everyone thought that the skies were clear, a second break-in occurred and Will was taken again! Will's supporters were devastated and had never dealt with anything like this before. It would take more than just luck to find him again, it would take a miracle. But miracles do happen and Wilson was spotted and picked up from the roadside again! To protect Will, he was sent to a secret location while he awaited medical care. The volunteers of the rescue and animal control were part of the team of many angels that were determined to help this courageous dog that touched everybody's heart and soul.

In comes the next group of Will's angels, the veterinarian team. It was clear that this 6-7 year old dog had been neglected and abused his entire life. He had injuries to his ear, neck and chest. His horribly matted coat was filled with burrs and fox tails to the point that shaving him was the only option. After shaving him, foxtails were found embedded in his skin and removed. The vet found severe, untreated ear infections in both ears. He was extremely emaciated, weighing only 85 lbs, and the veterinarian estimated he was approximately 40-60 lbs. underweight. Will's body and spirit were broken and he remained at the vet clinic for 10 days having the wounds and infection treated and receiving nutritious food. Yet despite his past horrors, he demonstrated to everyone who met him that he was the sweetest, most gentle dog.

Enter more angels. Knowing that it would be best to get Will as far away as possible, a wonderful woman reached out to her connections with a rescue in another state to back the rescue and make sure he received proper vetting and a wonderful home. Without hesitation, the rescue got right to work. Three amazing humans helped transport Will and got him on the road to putting the past behind him. He even had a sleepover where he was spoiled and shown the love and respect he'd never had. One of the transporters connected the rescue with an amazing foster caregiver who was willing to open her heart and home to Will and give him the love and care he so desperately needed to make a full recovery. Dozens of compassionate "Will supporters" donated toward his care and although they couldn't tell him, they showed everyone that Will's life mattered and he was worthy of love and care.

Little did Will, or anybody else, know that he had reached his final destination. The angel who stepped forward to foster Will could not let him go. He was officially adopted and formally given a more dignified name; Wilson. We believe that Wilson never thought about his past again. The love he continues to receive from his humans and four legged brother, Baxter, made the past disappear forever. Here's to landing softly sweet boy.

We will never forget saving Wilson.

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