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The Big White Dog That Could

On a day trip in early spring, a small group of hikers took to the peaks of Iron Mountain in the wilds of Idaho. As they sat eating sandwiches midday in the middle of nowhere, they were approached by one big but very tired and thin dog that looked like he couldn’t walk a step further. Before they realized it, they had not only given him their sandwiches, they had given him ALL of their snacks. They gave him a nickname: "Iron". When it was time for the group to head home, they knew they couldn’t leave Iron behind. As Iron followed them, he'd walk a couple of steps, collapse, get up, walk a short way, and collapse again. At that point, one of the young fellows in the group swept him up, slung him over his shoulders, and away they went. After that got to be too much, they made a sling and carried Iron the rest of the way in that. One of the ladies in the group took him home with her but knew that it could only be temporary.

Knowing she could not keep the dog, she contacted a rescue where he fell into the caring hands of a foster who lived just a short distance away. The foster took Iron home with the understanding that he would stay just long enough to get him in shape so as to find him a forever home. Being he was a male and the foster already had three bossy female Pyrenees, she was concerned that they might not get along. Amazingly, the girls, as well as all of her crazy house cats, took to this fellow instantly!! She gave him so much food and love, he probably thought he was in heaven! After the rescue asked two or three times if he was ready to adopt out, the foster admitted that she was a "foster failure."

Iron's momma hugs this big dog every day and is so very glad that an incredible act of kindness on the part of a group of hikers on a mountain made this possible.

She'd like to tell everyone that the Pyrenees breed is one of the sweetest and kindest out there and she has known other dog breeds that are really wonderful, but her heart belongs to the Great Pyrenees.

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