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We're happy and excited to announce our first three spay/neuter recipients of our wellness initiative!!
Thanks to your support, we were able to fund spay/neuter and vaccinations for Bugsy, Xena, and Everest, working LGDs from the Navajo Nation.


A word on spay and neuter:

Intact males are more likely to roam, leaving livestock unprotected. Roaming and fighting LGDs are at a much higher risk for injury and death. Females in heat may attract predators and many females often leave livestock to birth and whelp puppies. Not only does this leave livestock unprotected, but the pups are at risk for injury or disease and becoming prey. Working mothers raising pups in the field are also at risk for physical and emotional distress.

The economic losses due to unprotected livestock are far greater than the cost of spaying and neutering.

We were thrilled to get this litter off to a great start in their roles as protectors. Thanks to your donations, all six of these working pups received vaccinations, dewormers, microchips and were spayed and neutered!

A big shout out to Cache Humane Society in Logan, Utah for doing the work!

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One of the ways we aim to help livestock guardian dogs in need is to inspire working LGD owners to keep them healthy and safe. Illustrating the benefits of vaccinations, dewormers, spay/neuter, and microchipping speaks for itself.

It is often the case that just a little nudge, some information, and assistance with obtaining resources are all that is needed to prevent LGDs from becoming in need.

We believe that keeping the conversation going and maintaining an open and helpful line of communication will benefit the lives of livestock guardian dogs in need.



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Sometimes, urgent care is needed to save lives. 

We happily funded an urgent hip surgery for a "Lucky" working pup. As fate would have it, he's gone on to a wonderful home as a loved companion and family member.

A feral working LGD was given a "Chance" and is receiving professional training so that he can go on to a life being cared for at a home where he'll thrive.

Every situation is different but every life matters.


Urgent Needs

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