Spay / Neuter

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We're happy and excited to announce our first three spay/neuter recipients of our sterilization initiative!!

Thanks to your support, we were able to fund spay/neuter and vaccinations for Bugsy, Xena, and Everest, working LGDs from the Navajo Nation


A word on spay and neuter:

Roaming and fighting LGDs are at a much higher risk for injury and death. Intact males are more likely to roam, leaving livestock unprotected. Females in heat attract predators and many females often leave livestock to birth and whelp puppies. Not only does this leave livestock unprotected, but the pups are at risk for injury or disease and becoming prey. 


The economic losses due to unprotected livestock are far greater than the cost of spaying and neutering.

If you are a producer and located in Utah inquiring about assistance with vaccinations, sterilization, or nutrition for your LGD, please complete and submit the form below.


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